Exit Ltd exists to provide our customers the highest level of quality and professionalism in the implementation of all its services and products.

As a modern company, Exit Ltd is completely devoted to meeting the needs of clients and the preservation of strong economic ties based on mutual trust and quality. This organization is the product of a continuous process of conquering, training and direct application of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. Some of the elements are implemented through technical standards ISO/TS 16949. High-quality products, preserving the working and living environment are preconditions for successful company operations. Today the products are recognized in the market and the company’s name Exit Ltd is a synonym for quality.

Since the setting up of the company Exit Ltd, we have focused our business on the territory of Serbia and neighboring countries. Along with the modern technology which is based on production, the team of 25 people is working on entering the new markets. With the growth of the company and production capacity comes the need to increase the market to which the products are sold. Today Exit Ltd operates on the territory of Europe, starting with the countries of former Yugoslavia, across Poland, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Egypt, to Russia. The company Exit Ltd has exhibited its products at various domestic and international fairs:

“Who stops being better, stops being good” – a saying which is the basis of the realization of the work activities of each member of the company staff.