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Exhaust systems

Exhaust silencers

Exhaust silencers are a very important part of exhaust systems, so their production requires special attention. In our production program we have many different models of the silencer for trucks, buses and construction machinery.

We use a combination of sheet thicknesses 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm. All welds are entrusted to the robots and partly to people. High geometric accuracy is achieved by creating elements on CNC machines, and the final product passes the quality control of production.

Exhaust pipes

Exhaust pipes as an integral part of the exhaust system are produced in more than 1000 different models. In addition to mass-produced world-renowned manufacturers, we also produce on the basis of a draft or a sample taken by the customer.

All exhaust pipes are made of aluminized pipe diameters ranging from ø50 mm to ø127 mm, wall thickness is 2 mm.

Wall thickness of the zone of maximum deformation must stay at a minimum of 1.3 mm, where we pay special attention to control product quality. Each manufactured exhaust pipe passes operational and final quality control of production.

Flexible pipes

The production program Ext Ltd company also includes flexible pipes of Inox and Zn.

Flexible tubes are manufactured by reference, as well as per running meter in the range of 1-5 meters.

Diameters of Ø 76 – Ø 127.

Thickness of stainless steel strip of stainless steel is 0.30 mm, while the thickness for galvanized strip is 0.50 mm.

The function of a flex is to compensate and to absorb vibrations in the exhaust system. If the flex pipe is incorrectly installed or compressed, stretched or bent, it will cause a breakage in the flex pipe after a short time, this happens due to the vibration.


Exit LTD offers a wide range of products to connect and fit exhaust components. The portfolio includes flat clamps, DIN Clamps, V-clamps, Flex clamps and U clamps from very simple and cost effective design solutions all the way up to the highest class of products serving the most demanding installations.

Production program in addition to the silencer and pipe, is covered by various types of clamps, flexible pipes and pipe extensions. There are all kinds of ordinary clamps, double clamps and conical. (Ø 58- Ø 127).

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We care for quality

The highest quality is in the philosophy of Exit Ltd. „Perfection in every detail”  – this defines the values of every employee of the company. Professional and responsible specialists in Exit Ltd. and a continuously modernized machine park as well as tested materials and components ensure an adequately high quality.